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HK Nutrition Registered Nutritional Therapist Helen Kempson

September 16, 2020

Helen's story is a really interesting one, and I suspect many people will resonate with her experiences. Helen put in a lot of hard work and clinical hours to gain her qualifications and the knowledge she needed to be able to effectively help people. However at that time there was almost zero help around what was needed to run your own business. It is interesting to listen to the challenges Helen faced, how she overcame them, and what she would do differently now. Lots of information on what a Nutritional Therapist does and how they might help you as well.  This is a couple of small business owners using the technology available to them, and this time we had a bit of connection issues so it dips occasionally but soon is back,, plus Bella my dog joining in at one point! Real life stuff. Stick with it as Helen is worth the effort!!

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